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Phuoc Dong Apartments

Phuoc Dong Apartments

Phuoc Dong Apartments

Phuoc Dong Apartments is located in Residential zone of Phuoc Dong Industrial Park (Tay Ninh province). Phuoc Dong Apartments is an ideal living choice for families of workers who are working in Phuoc Dong Industrial Park, with easy daily commute to companies and factories operating in the industrial park. Enjoy life with full facilities such as malls, banks, polyclinic, kindergarten, Leisure & Sport complex, restaurants, cafes, markets, parks, etc.

Phuoc Dong Apartments is a 05 story building with low construction density, preserving space for greenery. Complete infrastructure including asphalt road system, public lighting, electricity supply, clean water supply, rainwater drainage and wastewater treatment along with greenery landscape and central parking space.

Variety of apartment types to suit many different needs:

  • Ground floor 2-floors apartment for business: Suitable for families of 3-4 members, suitable for both living and business
    • Ground floor area 58 m2: Including 01 commercial space, 01 living room, 01 kitchen, laundry area, toilet
    • Mezzanine area 34.2 m2: Including 02 bedrooms, 01 living room


  • Typical apartment: Suitable for young couples and small families
    • Ground floor area 25 m2: Including 01 living room, 01 kitchen, laundry area, toilet.
    • Mezzanine area 12.5 m2: Bedroom space



For more information, please contact:



Tel.: (+84) 276 3888 988

Hotline: (+84) 948 859 999